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Women's Self Defense Workshop

Come join us for an empowering workshop for women and learn to tap into your inner strength!

$20 per person

3/26/2022 10am-12pm

28 E McGovern Ave, Lancaster PA 17602

We will be hosting a 2 hour trauma informed self defense workshop with Art Reynolds. Art has 20 years of experience in self defense and has spent most of his career empowering females who have experienced traumatic events.

This workshop is for you if you are 18 years or older, female, have a history of trauma and/or believe you could benefit from learning how to feel more competent and in control of a stressful situation. This class is not a workout class and will be accessible to all bodies.

Dana Hampton LPC and Allie Lindt LMFT, co-owners of Rooted Lancaster LLC, are trauma informed mental health providers who will be assisting and facilitating the workshop.